Smarter. Faster. Better.

K9 Solutions Australia has the most comprehensive, functional and diverse knowledge of

specialised K9 training practices within Australia.  We've utilised this unique knowledge base to create

training courses that have been proven to produce active, highly trainable and serious working dogs.

We create a strong ‘man’ focus through less reliance on equipment than traditional trainers during

the development phase, combined with an ongoing foundation based upon the 'civil picture'.

Working dogs trained with our system can be utilised by prisons, police, military and other law enforcement agencies.


Our courses aim to maximise optimum outcomes with fast results.  We have extensive experience

in all areas of  K9 training and offer that depth of knowledge to all of our clients through our

unique training services. Expertly crafted fundamentals are what will make your working dog great.  These are critical areas in teaching a well rounded and solid working dog. Whether you are new to

the working dog environment or a seasoned handler, K9 Solutions Australia welcome all and are

here to help you achieve your goals.


Practical and theory topics covered as part of our services include -

 Modern Obedience  The Pinch Collar  Civil Aggression  Bite Suit Training  E-Collar  Muzzle Fighting Tracking... Man Trailing

In order to have the most well rounded and compliant canine, no matter what kind of training

you are interested in, it requires a balance of various training techniques, full understanding of

how a dog thinks and expert guidance.  Our training courses are different from what you will find

with other dog trainers and are not simply a duplication of what others are already doing, but a

totally new and proven approach that achieves first class results.


K9 Solutions Australia prides itself in developing training courses that are tailored to

organisation's requirements.  Maybe your unit only has two days for a workshop, no problem,

a two day program covering Modern Obedience, Pinch Collar Work and Civil Aggression

Training may be exactly what you're after.


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A stubborn dog does not exist....dogs don't do what you want because what you expect hasn't been communicated clearly.  We'll provide an overview of how to correctly communicate with your dog and introduce the concept of teaching your dog that success comes through you.

What is a pinch collar?  Why use one?  When should you use one?

When shouldn't you use one?  All these questions answered, plus we'll show you how to start.

The most important facet of working dog training, however typically the

last lesson taught.  This often results in a dog that is equipment focused and may not commit in a real situation.  We’ll show you why you should, and how to make, civil agitation the foundation of your training.

The target area of working dogs is pivotal to a successful apprehension

that also fulfils use of force requirements.  Service dogs need to target areas based upon safety requirements, the situation, and availability.  We’ll introduce you to teaching the dog to target the areas you want....shoulders, arms, legs, chest, or back, it is your call.

Perhaps the most misunderstood and incorrectly utilised training

tool amongst service dogs.  Not just for corrections but for communication.

A leash without a leash.

A pivotal tool for teaching real time “man focus”.  We'll explain the importance of muzzle fighting in a service dog and introduce your dog

to muzzle fighting.

Tracking through drive, man-trailing, footstep tracking....

what is the difference? Which one is suitable for your canine?