With so much noise out there, finding an expert operational K9 company that is focused on providing current and customised training services can be a challenge. Whether you are starting a new program or looking for additional or replacement canines, we are trained professionals equipped with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that can help you through the process and ensure you get expert training and healthy, top quality, driven K9 partners you can count on.

K9SA has one of the most comprehensive knowledge base of current operational working canine practices in the southern hemisphere. A bold statement but the wealth of experience we bring to the table is second to none and speaks for itself.

On offer is a broad spectrum of experience and comprehensive knowledge of current operational working dog practices. Certified military accredited, up to date and innovative training methods and extensive knowledge, we can provide a first class service by those at the highest level in the field.

Our extensive experience allows us the ability to create life-like scenarios that will challenge K9 teams. We have utilised working dogs in actual applications, such as law enforcement, military conflicts and dignitary protection. Our focus is always on quality and providing the best working dogs available in the country.  Acclaimed Mexican director, producer and screenwriter Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu once said, 'To question your own process is a necessity. If you don't question yourself, it's impossible to improve." We're 100% committed to that way of thinking and continuously review and update our training programs and curriculum to ensure that we are providing the most up-to-date training available.

K9 Solutions Australia is a family owned and operated specialised training company run by Jason Kelly. As a former military handler and supervisor, Jason understands the importance to have a reliable canine out in the field and the right mindset required for operational canine use. Through operational deployments, both domestic and overseas, his knowledge and experience have been tested under the most trying kind of environments. Many years of studying, implementing and conducting a range of different training methods, on countless canines, has given Jason great insight on determining what does and does not work.

Jason worked for nine years full time and five years part time (reserve) as a qualified Military Working Dog Handler in the Royal Australian Air Force and accomplished many outstanding achievements, such as winning the Dux Award for overall Top Dog Team on the Basic Royal Australian Air Force K9 Course, Top Dog Team of the Royal Australian Air Force Base Darwin Dog Section 2008-2009, runner up for the 2009 Bill Perrett Trophy and winner of the 2010 Bill Perrett Trophy, awarded to the top dog team in the Royal Australian Air Force.

For three years Jason served as a K9 Trainer/Developer with the Special Operations Command and was Instructor on multiple Special Operations Command Combat Military Working Dogs Courses, as well as having implemented and operated the initial Special Operations Command Pup Foster Care Program.

Dog Team Deployment to East Timor and K9 Trainer deployment to Afghanistan within the Special Operations Task Group, his last role in the armed forces was as Kennel Master at the Royal Australian Air Force Canine Development Cell Program.

Jason also has been an Instructor on the Queensland Police SERT K9 Workshop, participated in the Franco Angelini Decoy Seminar and the Randy Hare Odour Detection Seminar and is a NePoPo® Gold and Silver School Graduate.

Our expertise and experience allows K9 Solution Australia to afford the most comprehensive, specialised K9 training in the industry. Observe a real working dog training team that is unparalleled in professionalism, knowledge and experience.

...these guys are here to improve the quality and training of working dogs in Australia.