At K9 Solutions Australia, we're disrupting the traditional way of training specialised working dogs for military, law enforcement and other specialised organisations. Our training differs from conventional working dog training. It is not merely a duplication of what others are already doing, but a new and proven approach that achieves unmatched results. Our unique approach has been developed over many years, on countless dogs, and will challenge your understanding of how you should communicate with working dogs. Our innovative training produces working dogs and handlers that can function where others fail.

Having entered the industry in a private capacity in 2015, we have become highly regarded in a relatively short period of time due to our unique and proven training methods, experience, knowledge, adept ability of solving training challenges and the high quality of our working dogs.

Our innovative training system has proven time and time again its effectiveness out in the field. We have provided working dogs to the military, law enforcement, prisons and many other specialised organisations and our training solutions, along with the quality of our working dogs, has elevated us to a leadership position in the specialised working dog industry.

We create a strong 'man' focus through less reliance on equipment than traditional trainers during the development phase, combined with an ongoing foundation based upon the 'civil picture'.  We utilise our unique and innovative Imperium Training System that teaches not how to make working dogs do something but rather how to motivate them to have an intense desire for a task.

Unlike other trainers in Australia that show you how to teach a behaviour,  with K9 Solutions Australia you learn what makes a dog tick, how to get a dog to love a task and how to have a dog that loves a task even when you tell it must do it.  We'll teach you how to make your dog a thinker, not a follower.

We train working dogs with positive reinforcement and wait to use negative reinforcement until we are sure the dog can do and understands what he must do.  Only at this stage do we apply the negative reinforcement. It is often misunderstood when to add the negative reinforcement with the common fault being to add it when the dog does not want to do. This is a mistake.  We add it when the dogs want to do, which teaches the dog about pressure and to be motivated by it.

Our team have a comprehensive, functional and diverse knowledge of specialised working dog training practices and utilise this unique knowledge base to provide training that has been proven to produce active, highly trainable and serious working dogs.   We have extensive experience in all areas of specialised working dog training and offer that depth of knowledge to all of our clients through our unique training services. Whether you are new to the working dog environment or a seasoned handler, we welcome all and are here to help.

To have the most well rounded and compliant canine, no matter what kind of training you're interested in, it requires a balance of various training techniques, a full understanding of how a dog thinks and expert guidance. We understand the importance of a well-rounded training program and have developed one that has proven to get results. Incorporating our unique training methods into any new or established training program will elevate your training to a higher level than what is widely accepted as the standard in Australia.

Expertly crafted fundamentals are what will make your working dog great. These are critical areas in teaching a well rounded and reliable working dog. Practical and theory topics covered as part of our services include -

Modern Obedience

A stubborn dog does not exist. Dogs don't do what you want because what you expect hasn't been communicated clearly. We'll provide an overview of how to correctly communicate with your dog and introduce the concept of teaching your dog that success comes through you.

Pinch Collar

What is a pinch collar? Why use one? When should you use one? When shouldn't you use one?  All these questions answered, plus we'll show you how to start.

Civil Aggression

The most crucial facet of tactical canine training, however typically the last lesson taught. This often results in a dog that is equipment focused and may not commit in a real situation. We'll show you why you should, and how to make, civil agitation the foundation of your training.

Bite Suit Training

The target area of a tactical canine is pivotal to a successful apprehension that also fulfils the use of force requirements.  The canine needs to target areas based upon safety requirements, the tactical situation, and availability. We'll introduce you to teaching the dog to target the areas you want....shoulders, arms, legs, chest, or back, it is your call.

Tactical Comm Collar

The Tactical Communication Collar is perhaps the most misunderstood and incorrectly utilised training tool amongst service dogs. Not just for corrections but communication. A leash without a leash.

Muzzle Fighting

A key tool for teaching real-time 'man focus'.  We'll explain the importance of muzzle fighting in a service dog and introduce your dog to muzzle fighting.

Our way of training helps you or your organisation use our training methods and go to the next level much quicker than using conventional training methods. We have placed dogs with some of the best agencies in the country and have a proven record of providing exceptional dogs that can handle high-pressure situations.

Reaching your objectives hinges on having the right plan, one that fits your unique circumstances and grows with you. Planning your K9 handler future and having capable, quality working dogs can be a daunting task. That's where we come in. We're expertly trained, licensed professionals, and we can draw on years of real world experience when creating a long-term strategy.

We aren't just an innovative working dog training company, in addition to selling working dogs sourced from trusted vendors and expertly trained by our team, we also have an extensive breeding program that offers expertly trained, top quality, high performance working dogs for sale.

At K9 Solutions Australia's Virtus House Kennel (formerly Non Vactro Kennel), breeding pairs are handpicked and thoroughly scrutinised in order to produce canines that are highly driven, bold and outgoing, possesses a strong hunt drive and thrives on play reward. Solid temperament, working ability and medical soundness are just some of the standards we use to select our sires and dams for the program.

From the moment Virtus House Kennel's pups are born, we progress them through an extensive program of environmental enrichment and exposure to ensure a stable and confident working dog once they are out in the field. Our early imprinting and training ensures our dogs are best prepared for future training once they leave our care.

We're not a large volume producer of working dogs, our single goal is the absolute reliability of the product: a focused, clear headed and stable working dog. We don't breed many litters, we're not a farm, we breed for ourselves and usually only require one or two pups and offer the rest or sale.

Regardless if our dogs are sourced from our trusted vendors or from our breeding program, they are raised and developed to achieve their optimum potential using our tailored, effective and proven training methods that can be customised to meet individual or organisational needs. All of our dogs have the same training foundation, then are refined based on their natural attributes and client’s requirements.

My current police dog has been raised in this system, and the results speak for themselves. K9SA has taught me to train how you play, and I will never go back from here.