- DOGS -


Whether you're starting a new program or looking for replacement/additional canines, choosing a new working dog can be a daunting, time consuming and risky task. That's where we come in. We are trained professionals equipped with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that can help you through the process and ensure you get a healthy, top quality K9 partner you can count on for years to come.

Our rigorous selection processes and well rounded training curriculum allows us to develop and deliver the best working dogs in the country.

We continuously evaluate each young dog, assessing it for stamina, drive and level of aggression. Breeding, raising and training working dogs in this manner allows younger, fully trained working dogs (one year to a year and a half) to be seamlessly integrated into your particular environment.

All of our dogs have the same training foundation, then are refined based on their natural attributes and client’s requirements. We can provide more advanced training if you prefer to have a dog prepared for a specific purpose.

In addition to selling working dogs sourced from trusted vendors and expertly trained by our team, we have developed our own specialised breeding program which allows better refinement and greater quality control over the entire development process, from breeding through to the phases of socialisation and performance training. We only breed one or two litters a year, allowing us to ensure every dog produced and sold is of the finest quality.

We know how important genetics are and is the reason we painstakingly select the bitches we want to breed. We know their ancestry and because we work them, we know their trainability strengths and weaknesses. We look for combinations that will produce the dogs we need, strong, agile, substantial, high prey, excellent trainability and very good nerves is our goal.

We don't breed many litters, we aren't a farm, we breed for ourselves and usually only require one or two pups per litter, with the remaining professionally trained pups put up for sale.

Every dog we take on becomes part of our K9SA family. Whether you purchase a dog or engage our expert services, you will receive the absolute best quality dog money can buy, and more importantly, one which has been professionally trained for excellence in a loving environment.

Our facilities are safe, clean and professionally operated to ensure the best opportunity for all dogs in our care. Dogs are given daily play and exercise, quality food and a bucketload of affection. K9 Solutions Australia are committed to the safety of our dogs, clients and staff and we strictly adhere to all government requirements and guidelines.

Traditionally, the most common breed trained for military and police type operations has been the German Shepherd, a tradition that continues to this day. Our weapon of choice is the Belgian Malinois.  The Malinois combines strength with agility, keen senses and a highly developed 'working' mind in a compact portable package. They make outstanding working dogs, able to carry out their mission equally well on an installation, crowded street or combat situation. At K9 Solutions Australia, we believe the Belgian Malinois is the best working dog out there and the reason we only breed and develop this breed of dog.

Although sometimes mistaken for the German Shepherd, the Malinois is more elegant in build and lighter-boned, but does not lack for strength, agility or herding ability. A very bright and obedient dog, it is determined and observant with strong protective and territorial instincts. The Belgian Malinois retains strong work ethic and is happiest with regular activity and consistent, focused routine.

Many breeds of dogs continue to be trained and used as working dogs in many fields, however, in terms of energy, speed, intensity and drive, we believe the Malinois is the best working dog, especially for specific and challenging tasks.

In the hands of an experienced dog handler, Belgian Malinois are intense, intelligent and beautiful.