At K9 Solutions Australia, we pride ourselves on our ability to train dogs to the highest standard, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties effectively and efficiently. Experience a dynamic shift in understanding and witness the true potential of working dog partnerships.

We provide a new and proven approach that produces canines that are active, highly trainable and perfect for use by military, law enforcement and many other specialised units. We have placed dogs with some of the best and elite agencies in the country and have a proven record of providing exceptional dogs that handle high pressure situations.

After witnessing or working with our trained canines, we are often approached by dog handlers and trainers with questions regarding modern training techniques and tools. One of the most common issues confronting operational canine teams is how to ensure their canines commit to real-time engagement.  A lack of commitment in a real situation can have severe consequences for the team and your organisation.

Although the basic elements of K9 training are very similar for every dog, there are a wide variety of working situations which require very specific skill sets.  K9 Solutions Australia can provide specialised training in any area specifically requested by clients.

In addition to offering our own expertly designed and administered training, we also develop workshops to suit specific requirements. We can create and deliver customised training solutions that meet the particular needs of any organisation. We pride ourselves in developing training that is tailored to organisation's requirements. Maybe your unit only has two days for a workshop, no problem, a two-day program covering Modern Obedience, Pinch Collar Work and Civil Aggression Training may be precisely what you're after.

Our workshops cover all of our courses' broad aspects but allow for more specific, customised training. Along with giving additional training on a consultancy basis where required, we think we have the best overall package that is available in this space.

Knowing the complexities of transporting dogs and handlers, as well as a common preference from organisations to train at their location of employment, K9 Solutions Australia can bring the training and expertise to you. Whilst we are based in Perth, Western Australia, we will work anytime, anywhere across this great nation of ours (and beyond).

If you want an insight into modern training techniques and how to create a reliable “civil” dog, then our training courses are for you.

Timing of sessions are agreed upon by K9 Solutions Australia and our clients. We are flexible, however, it is recommended that the courses be run during the evening and into the night. Our work ethic is second to none, and we are prepared to train for as long as our clients are willing to learn.

Class numbers are generally kept small as we want to give you the attention you require. There is a minimum requirement of two trainers per workshop regardless of the duration as this gives both the dog and the handler the best chance at success. That’s why our workshops will work so well for you and your organisation - we have structured training plans that we know will work and our courses are yours to shape for whatever result you require.

Safety is paramount for K9 Solutions Australia.  
We risk assess all our courses and ensure the safest possible training environment is provided for you and your canine.
I found every aspect of the course to be beneficial.  The skills we learned have been immediately added to our ongoing training regimen.