Our decoy training is specifically designed to provide you and your organization with the optimal training necessary for your decoys and dogs. We cover a range of essential topics that will benefit both you and your team.

Reading canine behavior, you will learn the art of understanding and interpreting canine behavior. This knowledge will equip you with problem-solving skills and the ability to think on your feet, allowing you to effectively handle various situations.

Our civil agitation training delves into the difference between reactive and active approaches in civil agitation scenarios. By exploring these approaches, you will gain the confidence to handle diverse situations with ease and make informed decisions.

Muzzle fighting is another crucial aspect covered in our training. Discover effective techniques for teaching your dog the fundamentals of good targeting and ground fighting during muzzle training. These skills are essential for enhancing your dog's performance.

Our bite suit training provides insights into teaching your dog targeting skills, including targeting inside, back, and legs. By mastering these techniques, you can further optimize your dog's capabilities and overall performance.

Bringing the fight is an integral part of our training, focusing on teaching your dog how to actively engage in combat situations. Develop the necessary skills to ensure your dog is prepared for various real-life scenarios.

Hidden sleeves play a vital role in training sessions, and our training will teach you when and how to appropriately utilize them. Understanding the proper usage of hidden sleeves will contribute to a more effective and efficient training experience.

We'll equip you with the knowledge needed to assess a dog's potential as a working dog within your organization. This evaluation process is essential for ensuring that each dog is well-suited for their intended role. By completing our decoy training, you will gain valuable insights and practical skills that will enhance your decoys' performance and improve your dogs' capabilities. Unlock the full potential of your team!

Reading canine behaviour - problem solving and thinking on your feet
Civil agitation - reactive vs active
Muzzle fighting - how to teach good targeting and to ground fight
Bite suit - how to teach targeting, inside, back and legs. How to teach a dog to bring the fight
Hidden sleeves - when and how to use them
Character testing - how to assess a dog for potential as a service dog within your organisation


Our advance decoy training is specifically designed for teams that have successfully completed our foundation course or possess a solid foundation training. This advanced course takes your training to the next level, challenging you and your team with higher distractions, tougher situations, and more difficult scenarios.

The primary focus of this course is proofing. We aim to strengthen your team's capabilities by exposing them to real-life scenarios with a higher degree of distractions. It is essential that your dogs are prepared for proofing before attending this course. If your dogs are not yet ready, we highly recommend enrolling in our foundation course first.

During our training, you will master obedience skills amidst high distractions. This includes bite release and recall exercises from various target pictures. We will also train your team to handle different and complex civil pictures. Additionally, we'll cover off-leash muzzle fighting, where your dog will engage in complex exercises and work for extended periods in various situations. Please note that prior proficiency in muzzle fighting is required for attending this course.

Another important aspect covered in this course is building clearances and search methods. You will learn different methods of entry, target identification at both high and low levels, and teaching your dog proper indication and control techniques.

Photo pf K9SA Apollo courtesy of 6th Brigde Australian Army

Lastly, we'll guide you in teaching your dog to work effectively off-leash within a team, enhancing your team's coordination and efficiency. Our advance decoy training will take your training to the next level and equip your team with the skills necessary for challenging real-world situations.

Obedience with high distractions, including bite release and recall from various target pictures
Training different and complex civil pictures
Muzzle fighting - off leash complex exercises, working for long periods in numerous situations and ground fighting
Building clearances/search - methods of entry, high and low targets, teaching an indication and control
Teaching a dog to work off leash within a team