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After witnessing or working with K9 Solutions Australia trained working dogs, we are often

approached by dog handlers and trainers with questions regarding modern training techniques

and tools.  One of the most common issues confronting operational K9 teams is how to ensure

their working dogs commit to real time engagement.  A lack of commitment in a real situation can

have serious consequences for the team and your organisation.


Although the basic elements of K9 training are very similar for every dog, there are a wide

variety of working situations which require very specific skill sets.  For this reason, K9 Solutions

Australia are happy to provide specialised training in any area specifically

requested by our customers.


Timing of sessions are agreed upon by K9 Solutions Australia and our clients.  We are flexible,

however it is recommended that the courses be run during the evening and into the night.  Our work ethic is second to none and we are prepared to train for as long as our clients are willing to learn.


Class numbers are generally kept small as we want to give you the attention you require.

There is a minimum requirement of two trainers per seminar regardless of the duration of the

course as this gives both the dog and the handler the best chance at success.  That’s why these

workshops will work so well for you and your organisation - we have structured training plans

that we know will work and our courses are yours to shape for whatever result you require.





Puppy Development.

Safety is paramount for K9 Solutions Australia.  We risk assess all our courses and ensure the safest possible training environment is provided for you and your canine.

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