APRIL 25, 2018

For more than a century Australians have contributed to the seemingly endless struggle against oppression and tyranny around the world. From the vast plains of South Africa....

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Ruff Justice

DECEMBER 8, 2017

Meet the WA police 'superdog' who catches crooks and detects drugs. Article by Phil Hickey of



MAY 19, 2017

K9 Solutions Australia and the Western Australia Police have struck up a partnership that ensures the services of the specialised K9 training company for the next two years....

War Dogs

APRIL 22, 2017

As Australians ready themselves to

pause and pay respect to the brave men and women of the Australian

Armed Forces.....

Month of Janus

JANUARY 31, 2017

The beginning of a new year is not only a time of celebration but also one of reflection. K9 Solutions Australia look back on an extraordinary 12 months....

Strength to Strength

September 20, 2016

K9 Solutions Australia is working in conjunction with Victoria Police's Special Operations Group to provide a police dog capability second to none....

Decoy School

August 27, 2016

K9 Solutions Australia's Director and Trainer Ben Geurts pens their recent experience with the Western Australia

Police Canine Unit in Perth....

Dogs of War

August 18, 2016

Combat Tracker Teams were used in Vietnam from 1967 until the last combat troops left in late 1971. On the day we commemorate Vietnam Veterans Day, we honour their service....


August 13, 2016

At six months old K9 Solutions Australia's Dexter passed away due to complications after major internal surgery. Trainer Grant Reibel remembers....

Living the Dream

August 10, 2016

The first year of business for the team at

K9 Solutions Australia has them excited about the next 12 months and beyond...

Anzac Day 2016

April 25, 2016

Until recently, war service dogs awarded

the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross hardly ever came home...

Queensland Blue

march 2, 2016

Members of the Queensland Police Dog Squad exclusively booked K9 Solutions Australia's second workshop...

High Expectations

January 10, 2016

K9 Solutions Australia's second workshop to be held on 29 February has been exclusively booked out by the Queensland Police Service...

Happy New Year

January 1, 2016

The new year has arrived, bringing with it the hopes for prosperity and positive change that seems to be a universal human desire whenever the current calendar turns...

The Journey Begins

December 1, 2015

K9 Solutions Australia have kicked off

their mission to raise the standard of working dog training following the inaugural K9 Solutions Australia Workshop....

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