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K9 Solutions Australia specialise in providing high quality tactical canine training

services to military and law enforcement organisations throughout Australia. We challenge the traditional notion of tactical canine training in Australia by providing proven training methods that differ considerably from conventional practices and are not simply a duplication of what others are doing.


In addition to offering our own expertly designed and administered training, we

also develop courses to suit specific requirements.  Our team of specialised trainers are

able to develop and deliver customised training solutions that meet the specific

needs of any organisation.




With so much noise out there, finding an expert tactical canine company that is

focused on providing current and customised training services can be a challenge.  Our team has the most comprehensive knowledge base of current operational working canine practices in the southern hemisphere.  A bold statement but the wealth of experience

we bring to the table is second to none and speaks for itself.


If you want an insight into modern training techniques and how to create a reliable

“civil” dog, then our training courses are for you. K9 Solutions Australia provides a totally new and proven approach that produces canines that are active, highly trainable and perfect for use by tactical units.

We love this great country of ours and we've got the whole thing covered with chapters

established in Brisbane and Perth and a willingness to work anywhere in between. Knowing the complexities of transporting dogs and handlers, as well as a common preference from

organisations to train at their location of employment, K9 Solutions Australia can bring the

training and expertise to you.






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